Thursday, December 1, 2011


Conflict is really something that bound to happen in life. It may occur either between you and someone else or even within yourself.
Just remember, conflict is a part of life...whether you like it or will 'see' it and you really need to solve it. Or else, it will eat you inside out.
So, if you are having a conflict with anyone, just go and confront them, have a chat with them. Surely, it can be solved. There's nothing in the world that could not be solved (except for THE CONFLICT between the  Palestenian and Israelian) haish.
However, the most difficult one is inner conflict. This is because, only you know and what is bothering you.
We need to confront it ourselves. But then, don't forget, if you know someone who could listen, just go and talk with them about it. It might ease some of the 'pain' inside. Hopefully everyone will feel better.

Remember, every person have their own feeling, but then, we also need to remember that wecould not please everyone.

*this is merely my opinion.

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